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Mystic Kit

Color — M8-Universe

Colors displayed on your screen can be influenced by individual display settings. To ensure an accurate perception of color and texture, we advise ordering colour chart in advance.

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    Product Details

    Decorative paint for indoor use. Thousands of shiny particles contained in the paint, sparkling and shimmering in the light give surfaces a spectacular effect! Mystic works well in both very modern and classic interiors, completely changing the look of the rooms. Bring out the sparkle in your home!

    The product is sold in a ready-to-use kit. The kit includes Decobase paint and Mystic paint.


    1. Coverage

    One set is sufficient to cover approximately 6m² of a wall's surface.

    2. What's in the box?

    One set includes Decobase paint and Mystic paint. For colours: Claret, Navy Blue, Bottle Green, Black the set also includes colourant.

    3. Step-by-step application

    The substrate should be clean, degreased, even, stable and uncracked.

    Surfaces that are highly absorbent (e.g. fresh plaster), or those that are not equally absorbent, should first be primed with a suitable primer. We recommend our PRIMACOL® DECORATIVE primer, which is a universal product and will work for most surfaces.

    First step: DECOBASE

    Paint the surface with Decobase paint. It will create a base coat similar to the effect's colour, reduce the consumption of Mystic paint and ensure the best possible final result. Leave the wall to dry completely.
    If necessary, apply 2 coats of Decobase.

    Second step: MYSTIC

    1. Application by brush
    After opening the Mystic bucket, stir the contents thoroughly. For colours: Claret, Navy Blue, Bottle Green and Black - pour the appropriate amount of colourant into the Mystic Universe M8 and mix thoroughly.

    Start applying the paint from the top corner of the wall and move diagonally extending the decorated area. Apply the product with a flat brush with soft bristles, making criss-cross movements. Work on small areas at a time (product is quick-drying). After a very short time, return to the previously painted area (before it dries) and gently smooth it with a brush, moving the excess paint to avoid streaks and blur the transitions between painted areas.

    Once the whole wall is finished, leave it to dry for at least 3 hours.

    After this time, apply the second layer in the same way as the first, but starting from the opposite corner of the wall.

    When finished, leave the wall for about 24 hours, until completely dry.

    Fine shadows may appear in the final result if Mystic paint is applied with a brush. If you want to be sure you get a completely uniform effect, choose a spray application.

    2. Spray painting
    Thoroughly protect unpainted surfaces with foil.

    After opening the Mystic bucket, stir the contents thoroughly and dilute it to 10% with water. For colours: Claret, Navy Blue, Bottle Green and Black - pour the appropriate amount of colourant into the Mystic Universe M8 and mix thoroughly before diluting.

    Apply the first coat of paint and let the wall dry for at least 3 hours.

    After this time, apply a second coat of Mystic and leave the wall for about 24 hours until completely dry.

    Purchase a special brush for applying Mystic paint here.
    Find PDF Instructions in "More Info"below.

    4. More Info

    Tools: paint roller - buy here, flat brush with soft bristles - buy here/ spray gun
    Coverage: ±6 m²/set
    No. of layers: 3
    Cleaning of tools: Water
    Drying time: 24h

    1. SDS
    2. TDS
    3. Instruction

    • Instructional Video


    Still having doubts? Order a pattern book!

    Our samples are handmade so you can be sure that the samples you get in hand are as authentic and true to the result you can achieve as possible.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Looks very cool & shiny and is easy to do yourself!

    The shine is hard to capture in a picture but with the lights on or the sun in the room the shine is amazing! It looks like having a diamond covered wall.

    Very easy to do without professional painting skills!

    Alina Savych
    Use the brush to apply paint on the wall

    The paint looks great on the wall. The only thing is that I applied it with a roller, so now I have stripes on the wall. This could have easily been avoided if I had read the instructions and used a brush.
    I also don’t remember that the description mentioned reflective microspheres in the paint. They make this paint incredible: shiny and frosty.
    The paint is expensive, but it’s definitely something you won’t find in every home.
    And one of its advantages is that even a beginner can handle it.
    I was selling paint and I know that this type of paint is hard to ruin, even if you try :))) the main thing is not to let the paint dry on the wall before you decide in which direction you will apply the decor

    Johan Theeuwen

    Mooie verf, ik heb de verf erop gespoten waardoorheen nu een mooigeheel hebben