Cash Rewards Program

Share your experience and win a refund on your purchase!

 1. Purchase

Begin your creative journey with our selection of premium decorative paints. Choose the perfect color and finish for your space and make your purchase.

2. Write Review

After completing your project, share your experience with us. Write a review sharing your opinion on the product and the outcome of your project.
Remember to include a photo showing off your newly painted space.

3. Get Cash Back

Once your review is live, it enters our monthly contest, where your project could be rewarded with a full or partial refund of your purchase cost (up to €100). Each month, we honor the owner of the most captivating photograph. It's our way of saying thanks for trusting in us and our products.


Terms and Conditions of the Cash Rewards Program
  1. Eligibility
    1.1. Participants must have purchased from our store and submitted a review with a photo to qualify for the contest.
    1.2. To participate in the contest, you can either submit a review directly on the product page within the 'Customer Reviews' section or respond to an email requesting feedback on your purchase, which will be sent to you a few weeks after receiving the goods.
  1. Submission Period
    2.1. Reviews submitted each month will be considered for that month's contest.
  1. Selection Process
    3.1. All eligible reviews received in a given month will be evaluated by our team and the participant with the best photo each month will be chosen as the winner.
    3.2. "Best" is defined by photo quality, where the wall grabs the main attention, showing off the real color and texture. Make sure your photo is snapped after all the work is done – no in-progress shots with tape, tools, and mess around, please. We're looking for pics that are as pretty as they can be!
  1. Multiple Entries
    4.1. If multiple products are purchased in a single order, a review for each product is treated as an individual entry into the contest.
  1. Announcement of Winners
    5.1. The winner will be announced on the 10th day of the following month after review submissions.
    5.2. Results will be announced on our social media channels—make sure to follow @primacol_com so you don’t miss out! The winner will also be notified via email.
  1. Prizes
    6.1. The selected reviewer will receive a prize..
    6.2. The winner receives a refund of their order's value, up to €100. Orders below €100 will be refunded in full. For orders exceeding €100, the refund amount will be €100.
  1. Payment of Prizes
    7.1. The refund will be processed using the same payment method as the original purchase.
  1. Use of Submitted Photos
    8.1. By participating in the Cash Rewards Program, entrants grant the right to use the submitted photos for marketing purposes.
    8.2. If the entrant wishes to have their profile/website tagged in the photos publication, they should provide their tagging details.

By participating in the Cash Rewards Program, entrants agree to the Terms and Conditions stated above.