Glitz and glam have arrived in the bedroom! Mystic Bottle Green.

Glitz and glam have arrived in the bedroom! Mystic Bottle Green.

Mystic paint is a truly remarkable! It plays beautifully with daylight, which brings out the fullness and richness of every hue, while in the evening you can dose the flash with lighting.

This paint has the ability to transform space into enchanting place- that’s why our client choose Mystic in "Bottle Green" shade for his bedroom. This elegant shade adds not only shine but also a touch of elegance to interior. It is the perfect choice for creating a peaceful atmosphere which is essential for a restful night's sleep and during the day it definitely pleases the eye.

The way in which Mystic paint interacts with daylight is truly mesmerizing! As the sun moves across the sky, the colours of Mystic paint seem to dance and shimmer, creating a dynamic and ever-changing atmosphere. Whether it's the warm hues of a sunrise or the cool tones of a sunset, Mystic always creates a mesmerizing atmosphere!

Mystic decorative paint is available in 12 carefully selected colours so that you can match the perfect shade to any room, whether it's a chic bedroom, living room or a child's room.


Mystic paint can be applied by brush or spray. For this project, the spray method was used, which is the method we recommend.

1. Paint the wall with Decobase latex paint.

2. Tint Mystic M8-Universe with the appropriate amount of colourant. Mix the contents thoroughly and dilute with water to 10%, then pour into a diffuser. Thus prepared paint is ready for application.

3. Apply two coats of Mystic paint 3 hours apart, remembering to protect unpainted surfaces with foil.

To learn more about the application process and make a purchase, visit Mystic product page.