Living room with a full moon effect. Moonlight decorative paint.

Living room with a full moon effect. Moonlight decorative paint.

We show images of a flat's interior, which was set up as a result of many deliberate choices. The owner had a clear vision for how she wanted the different rooms to look, and she consistently carried it out. Choosing the primary colours was the first step, which led to the conception of the Moonlight decorative paint's intended effect. The well-known Let's shine paint served as the auxiliary product.

The flat was delivered in “shell and core” condition, which meant that all necessary work had already been completed, including floor pouring, plastering and connecting installations. It was possible to focus on the more enjoyable stage, namely the interior design. There was no element of randomness, and the owners wanted to design a glam interior that strongly nodded to modern design. Based on this, it was decided that the primary colours would be beige, gold and bottle green. This served as the framework around which the remainder of the very appropriate but frequently unobvious variations were gathered.

Moonlight Primacol Decorative – a full moon effect

The flat is divided into a living room with an open kitchen, a bedroom, a room, two bathrooms and a hallway. The most spectacular decorative effect was to appear on one of the walls in the living room. Here, the owner decided to use Primacol Decorative's Moonlight paint, which, when lit, shimmers with thousands of shimmering particles in different shades of silver (silver base) and gold (gold base). Thanks to special structural additives, the paint also gives a three-dimensional and shading effect, which is associated with the view of a full moon. The decorative effect depends on the intensity of the incident light, which can be delicate and subtle or strong and clear.



In this case, the gold base was the only choice. The Moonlight paint is a semi-transparent product, so it needs to be applied to a properly prepared base. This should be painted with one of in needed two coats of the Decobase primer paint in the desired colour. Here, Decobase Plum D21 has been used. After painting the wall with primer, Moonlight could be applied. This paint is applied with a flat brush. It is spread over the wall in a criss-cross motion, covering an area of approximately 0.5 m2 at a time. The pattern formation is based on the uneven distribution of the granules contained in the paint and the creation of irregular clusters. Once the pattern is perfected, subsequent wall sections are joined together using the “wet-on-wet” technique, and the work is repeated in the exact same way. Otherwise, unaesthetic seams will form at the contact points. After applying the Moonlight paint, a 12-hour wait was necessary, after which the decorative effect was ready. The remaining walls in the living room were painted white.

Fancy accessories and other colours

After the painting was finished, attention could turn to the remaining interior decoration. Again, the key was the leading colours. Two very attractive mirrors with gold frames were hung on the Moonlight wall. Additionally, there were gold accents on the coffee tables, the table leg and fittings of the dining room furniture, the lighting and the kitchen faucet. The floor, the wall above the kitchen worktop and the fronts of the upper cabinets all featured beige, the other dominant colour. On the other hand, bottle green was spilt all over the curtains, chair seats and super-comfy sofa.

A delicate shade of beige was also used on the walls in the other rooms. They were painted with the Let's shine Primacol Decorative paint in the colour Nicosia. Each bucket of paint comes with a sachet of glitter, which is poured in just before the last coat is applied. Thanks to this solution, the decorative effect is very subtle, and its intensity increases with the intensity of the light. The Let's shine paint is characterised by very good coverage and an extremely durable coating. It can therefore also be painted without adding glitter. This option was used in some of the rooms shown.